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Dr. Fosse


As a therapist I’m warm and interactive, staying actively engaged in the patient’s process. In my work I emphasize the importance of curiosity as the antidote to judgments. Judgments don’t lead to new insights, nor do they promote change and healing. Instead, I guide my patients in the process of being curious about themselves and others, helping them understand better the meaning and motives behind their actions and reactions, so they can evolve and grow.



Relationships heal and relationships hurt. The feeling of facing adversity alone, of not being understood or supported by the loved ones, increases one’s sense of suffering. For couples it often stems from the experience of being betrayed. Betrayal can be sexual in nature, but it can also come in other forms. I help people see how underneath their confusion, hopelessness, or anger there is a desire for connection and love, and assist them in healing the rupture.



Over the course of therapy my focus is primarily on the present moment. However, my ability to help each individual and couple to deal with current difficulties is greatly enhanced by my knowledge of their past. I devote some time to learning about one’s formative experiences from long ago, so that together we can understand better how they inform who the person is today.

Recognizing this connection to the past and being able to transform it, serves as a remedy to being stuck in old, repetitive patterns.

49 Hancock St.

Cambridge, MA 02139

(between Central & Harvard Sq)


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