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Dr. Fosse

   Sexuality  &  Intimacy

Towards Better Relationships



Sex therapy involves individual or couples' therapy, but with far more explicit focus on issues of sexuality and intimacy. Working with a Certified Sex Therapist assures that the services you're receiving are provided by an experienced clinician with comprehensive knowledge of this field. 

People may want to talk about sexual concerns in 'regular' therapy, but are reluctant to bring them up feeling ashamed or worried that it is TMI, or too much information.

Knowing that you're talking to an expert, who is not going to judge, can be very reassuring.



Sexuality and intimacy are at the core of relational experiences, regardless of age, culture, and circumstances. They can be a source of passionate expression and vitality, and they can be a cause of suffering. Very few individuals are fortunate to learn from early on about sex as a guilt- and anxiety-free foundation of pleasure that can be enjoyed alone or with others in a consensual, mutually satisfying way. Instead, the vast majority of people grow up thinking of sexuality as something shameful and anxiety provoking. Adding to it, the portrayal of sex in the media and on online is inaccurate and hugely distorted. Yet, the internet and articles in glossy magazines are what persons turn to when they want to learn more about sex. What they get out of it is at the best confusing and at the worst intimidating and daunting. As the result, most individuals do not know how to discern between what is normal and healthy in sex, and what is problematic. For survivors of abuse, whether it was emotional, physical or sexual, the path to reclaiming sexuality and intimacy is even more complex. Those who suffered through abuse have to learn to trust not only their partners, but also themselves.



The aim of sex therapy is to help people understand and affirm their own sexuality in a healthy, non-judgmental way. As a part of this process, I guide individuals and couples in identifying their needs and desires and learning how to express them without shame or guilt.  I also support them in establishing and respecting boundaries. The goal is to discover what is joyful and satisfying for each individual, and to be able to give and receive sexual pleasure while feeling safe and connected.


Sex and intimacy are intertwined. While it is possible to keep them separated, it’s usually not for long. Lack of intimacy can be highly destructive to couples, whether they’re monogamous or polyamorous. People who seek sex therapy often struggle with more than low libido or sexual dissatisfaction. Very often they crave greater emotional and sensual intimacy, which is so much more than just the intercourse.

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