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Dr. Fosse


I provide individual therapy to adults of all genders and sexual orientations. 

People often wonder when is therapy warranted. The best answer is, when you’re dealing with an internal or external conflict that is exceedingly preoccupying and the levels of emotional and/or physical distress are substantial enough to affect you on a regular basis. 


Examples of internal and external conflicts causing distress:

  • Life transitions of various sorts with associated adjustment difficulties

  • Prolonged stress 

  • Healing from trauma

  • Men's issues

  • Women's challenges

  • Gender questions and transitions

  • Stage of life issues, including conflicts about marriage, pregnancy, retirement etc.

  • Being involved in an affair or dealing with the aftermath of one

  • Dealing with betrayals of non-sexual kind and other relational doubts

  • Dating problems

  • Professional and career questions

  • Adjustment to new culture and other cross-cultural issues

  • dealing with medical or psychiatric illness 

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