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Dr. Fosse


The couples I’m seeing in my practice represent all kinds of relational styles and configurations. I work with monogamous couples and with those in polyamorous or open relationships. What's common for all of them, regardless of the structure, is the relational pain and distress they're experiencing. 


Individual and relational needs are not always easy to separate. Concurrent individual and couples’ therapy may at times be valuable, but not always doable. If you’re not sure what treatment modality is going to best serve your needs, I can help you discern.


Indicators for couples’ therapy may include:

  • Ongoing intimacy conflicts

  • Communication problems

  • Trauma history

  • Presence or aftermath of an affair

  • Dealing with loss

  • Dealing with transgressions or other betrayals 

  • Parenting disagreements

  • Conflicts with the families of origin

  • Diverging views on life, values, finances etc.

  • Dealing with medical or psychiatric illness 

  • Career challenges 

  • Cross-cultural issues and adjustment difficulties

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