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Dr. Fosse

   Sexuality  &  Intimacy

Towards Better Relationships



When people talk about sex they usually either laugh or whisper. Jokes about sex are abundant and so is laughter. When conversations turn into real sexual concerns, they become muted and clipped, full of ‘you know…’, followed by sighs. Jokes and whispers capture typical emotional responses to sex: belittling, shame and fear. In my office all issues are taken seriously in a judgment free atmosphere. 

How do you know if what you're concerned with is substantial enough to seek therapy? 

The answer is straightforward, if you're troubled by it, or your partner keeps brining it up, it's probably a good idea to set up an initial appointment. 


Examples of issues I work with:

  • Polyamory and open relationships

  • Infidelity and affairs

  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual issues

  • Gender identity and transitions

  • Sexual dissatisfaction; sexual incompatibility

  • Performance anxiety

  • Sexual preferences and practices such as kink, BDSM, fetishism

  • Low libido and/or low sexual desire

  • Emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, past or present

  • Pain during intercourse and/or penetration difficulties

  • Difficulty achieving orgasm

  • Premature, delayed, or non-existing ejaculation

  • Sexually transmitted disorders, HIV and AIDS

  • Sex and pregnancy

  • Sex and religious concerns

  • Medical issues affecting sexuality

49 Hancock St.

Cambridge, MA 02139

(between Central & Harvard Sq)


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