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Dr. Fosse


Please call or email to set up an appointment, or if you want to inquire further about my services. I provide a free phone consultation to discuss your goals and interests in therapy.


For high profile clients who need extra discretion I can arrange for visits in the privacy of their homes or offices.




Initial evaluation is conducted in the first session, which last 60 minutes. It focuses on the exploration of your present concerns: What brings you to therapy, what you hope to accomplish, and ways I can assist you in this process. This initial meeting allows both of us to determine how we feel about working together; whether I am able to help you with your problems and distresses, and whether you feel comfortable in my presence and believe that you can benefit from therapy with me.


Regular sessions are 50 minutes in length. The first couple of sessions after the initial meeting are typically about your personal history. Learning more about your past will provide me with the basis of understanding your present concerns in the context of your previous experiences. Having this knowledge helps me shape therapy to your best benefit.


Frequency of meetings The recommended frequency is once a week to maximize the benefits of the therapeutic process. Some patients may be best served by attending sessions twice a week due to the nature of their concerns. For individuals and couples with the overall better coping skills, it might be enough to meet twice a month, or to arrange for sessions as needed.


The length of treatment varies depending on the nature of the problems that brings people to therapy, the pace they work at, as well as their motivation and resources. Some patients seek therapy for circumscribed problems and the treatment might be as short as a few sessions. Others may struggle with issues too complex to be resolved quickly and their treatment may last months, and in some cases for years. Being in treatment for a long period of time is not a sign of therapy failure; it’s a reflection of the underlying need. Treatment usually ends when people see improvement and feel comfortable without further therapeutic support.


Phone/Skype sessions can be arranged when meeting in person is not possible. The same rates as for regular sessions apply. 


Payment is the patient’s responsibility and expected at the time of service. 


Insurance: To minimize insurance intrusion into treatment, I don’t participate in insurance plans. If you have out of network benefits you might be able to receive reimbursement for psychotherapy.



With out of network coverage, you avoid a number of restrictions put on by insurance companies, such as limits on the number of sessions regardless of your needs, shorter session length, and the type of therapy covered. Most importantly, you avoid the disclosure of sensitive therapy details to the insurance company, which in network clinicians are required to provide to obtain authorization for treatment.


Out of network therapy is partially or fully reimbursed, depending on the specifics of your plan. At the end of each session, I'll provide you with an invoice containing the information required by your insurance carrier for reimbursement. 




Dr Fosse's Office Intimate

49 Hancock St.

Cambridge, MA 02139

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